Book Review: A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas by Kim Redford

A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas

Christmas in July!

We’re have way through the year, and I thought I would bring some holiday cheer your way. Whether it’s the holidays or not, A Christmas Miracle for Veronica is sure to put a little joy in your heart. To celebrate, I have made my little novella free on Amazon for the next five days. Hope you’ll give it a try!

Veronica_Cover_JPGPublisher & Release Date: Self-Published, November 24, 2013 

Time and setting: Present day, Virginia Beach, VA

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Inspirational/Holidays

Length: 53 pages

Heat Level: 1 Sweet Heart

Book Description:

It’s a matter of days before Christmas and Jefferson Ramsey has a dilemma on his hands. He’s just found out he’s the father of five-year-old, Sarah. Her mother has died, and there’s no family to raise her. Determined to do the right thing, Jefferson turns to Veronica Harrison, the one woman he believes would be willing to help him.

Recently divorced and lonely, Veronica is definitely not in the holiday mood—until she gets a call from the man in her life, Jefferson. He wants to discuss something important with her, and even though it’s close to Christmas, Veronica eagerly agrees. The last thing she expects—is a marriage proposal and a child to go along with it. Will their sudden alliance be enough to create a family not only for Sarah, but for them as well? 

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Jefferson reached for the phone. He couldn’t wait to share the news with Veronica Harrison. They’d discussed the case on their last date. Before he could pick up the receiver, the phone rang. “Yes, Helen, what is it?”

“There’s a call for you on line one, sir,” his secretary informed him.

“Who is it?”

“It’s a female, Mr. Ramsey. She says her name is Susan Kincaid. She stated that it’s urgent, sir. Do you want to take the call?”

Stunned to hear that name after six years, Jefferson hesitated before answering Helen. Why would she call him? The old bitterness rolled over him. He’d put that time of his life behind him, and he certainly didn’t want to rekindle the flames of their torrid love affair after all these years. He toyed with the idea of refusing the call, however, curiosity got the best of him. He had to know why she was calling.

“I’ll take it.” Helen forwarded the call, and he took a deep breath to calm the rolling tide of bad memories rushing through him before picking up the receiver. “Jefferson Ramsey here. Susan, it’s been a long time. What can I do for you?”

“Hello, Jefferson.” A voice so weak he barely recognized it came over the line. “Jeff…I’m sorry I’m calling you like this. At this point, I have no choice. There’s no easy way to say this—I’m dying. I’ve put off this call far too long. I’m not expected to live out the week.”

Lord, he hated to hear this. Even though their break up had been ugly, he’d cared deeply for her at one time. How does one respond to this type of news? He wanted to say something to comfort her. He just had no clue what would be appropriate. And, it still baffled him that she’d called him. “Susan…I’m so sorry to hear that. Are your parents with you during this difficult time?”

“My parents died in a car crash three years ago. I’m…all alone, except for my friend Mary Donovan, of course. You remember her don’t you? She’s crippled from rheumatoid arthritis, so she’s not able to help me very much. I need you to come down here, Jeff. I should have told you this years ago.” Susan paused and he heard her ragged breathing. A heavy sensation lodged in the pit of his stomach as he waited for her to continue. He had a bad feeling he wasn’t going to like what she had to tell him. “Jeff, you’re…you’re a father.”

“What did you say?”

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