Who Were The “Ton” and the “Beau Monde”?

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Le bon ton is a French phrase meaning “the good style” or “good form.” One could be said to have good ton–meaning good style. So one could be part of the Ton, if one had the style for it–which is why Beau Brummell could be a leader of fashion and society despite not having much of a background (very middle class). The term beau monde came into use in the early 1700s; it literally means fine world. It is used for the fashionable world or high society.

Ton (le bon ton) tells us, “The ton” is a term commonly used to refer to Britain’s high society during the late Regency and the reign of George IV,  and later. It is a French word meaning (in this sense) “manners” or “style” and is pronounced as in French. The full phrase is le bon ton meaning “good manners” or “good…

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