Book Review: Flight by Jennie Marsland

Flight by Jennie Marsland

(Winds of War, Winds of Change series)

FlightPublisher & Release Date: Self-Published, December 19, 2014

Time and setting: 1921, Nova Scotia

Genre: Historical Romance

Length: 227 pages

Heat Level: 1 Scorching Hot Flames

Rating: 4 Gold Crowns

Determined to live on her own terms, commitment isn’t on Georgie O’Neill’s agenda, but a night out with her best girlfriends and a pair of attractive men just in town for the weekend is right up her alley – until it snowballs into much more. 
To ex-RAF pilot Cameron Hatcher, single and free is the only way to be. Rather than go home to Ireland to be embroiled in a second brutal war, Cam chooses to barnstorm North America, giving crowds across the continent a taste of flight. Georgie is just a pleasant evening’s distraction before he and his partner move on.
But when mechanical problems ground the show, Georgie becomes more than a distraction. Between his growing feelings for her and the strong pull of loyalty to country and family, Cam is hard put to steer a true course. Go home and fight for Ireland’s independence? Or pursue a woman who’s told him her dreams come before any man?

Love costs. Can the price be too high? 

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Vikki’s Musings

I read the first two books in the Winds of War, Winds of Change series and enjoyed them immensely. When I realized the third book was out, I had to re-visit the incredible and invincible O’Neill family. Georgie fascinated me in the other books, and I was glad to see her get her turn.

Georgie O’Neill is fired, and what does she do? She goes out with her friends, no letting it get her down! She and her friends run into two flying aces, in Halifax doing a stunt show. When Georgie tells Cameron Hatcher goodnight, she never expects to see him again, but engine trouble with one of the planes keeps him in town.

Georgie’s adventurous side wants to throw caution to the wind, but her more practical side wants her to follow her ambition to become a writer. Can Cameron give her the stability she craves while giving her the freedom to fly?

This is another well-written, emotional read by Jennie Marsland. While not quite as good as the first, Flight is a worthwhile addition to this amazing series. I fell in love with Cameron from the first page and I was already drawn to Georgie’s character in the first two books. I enjoyed the romance between the pair a great deal.

At times I sat on the edge of my seat when it looked like there would be no happy ending for this couple, but after all this is romance novel, so after plenty of trials and tribulations, Georgie and Cameron for achieve their “happily ever after.”  Ms. Marsland does a fantastic job of keeping wondering though until the end. She also ties up all the plotlines quite nicely. I am sad to see the end of this remarkable series, but I’m sure she will be bringing us future characters that will pull on my heartstrings, leaving me wanting more.

If you haven’t discovered Ms. Marsland’s emotionally-charged books, I suggest you read Shattered, along with Deliverance, and concluding with Flight. While Flight is easily stand alone, it will be even more enjoyable when read after the first two in the series. If you like reading an area of history that hasn’t been explored a great deal, you will find these books a delight. I know I did. Happy reading!


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