Danelle Harmon’s MASTER OF MY DREAMS is a must-read for romance readers who love adventure on the high seas

Booktalk with Eileen: Journaling a Journey -- Learning the Art of Crafting a Novel

Danelle Harmon never, EVER, disappoints me with her historical romance novels. Whether I read or listen to them, they are of the highest quality, keeping me rethinking scenes days after the read and smiling!

17697070Title:Master of My Dreams A Hero of the Seas Series, Book 1
Author: Danelle Harmon
Genre: Historical Romance
Story Setting: Prologue – Ireland, 1762; England, 1775
Published By: Danelle Harmon
Published Date: January 1, 2013
Pages: 391
Sold By: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

About the Story: England, 1775: When nobly-born Captain Christian Lord is given command of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Bold Marauder, the disciplined and highly-esteemed English officer never dreams that a crew on the brink of mutiny will be the least of his troubles as he heads to Boston to subdue pirates and rebels. Haunted by nightmares and a tragic past, Christian is loyal to King and Country . …

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