“Getting Hitched” During the Regency Era

So interesting!

Every Woman Dreams...

Regency Era Marriage Customs

As tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I thought me might have a look at the natural sequence of “love.” You know the old rhyme… “First comes love, then comes marriage…”

Until 1823, a single person under the age of one and twenty could not marry without his/her parent’s permission. (Lydia’s elopement and Georgiana’s aborted elopement were instances of this rule.) After 1823, the minimum age to marry without a parent’s consent dropped to 14 for a boy and 12 for a girl. Other rules of marriage were also in effect, such as one was discouraged from marrying one’s deceased wife’s sister; yet, it was acceptable to marry one’s first cousin (Lady Catherine hopes Darcy will marry his cousin Anne, and Mr. Collins wishes to marry several of his Bennet cousins before settling on Charlotte Lucas.)

The Marriage Act of 1835 eliminated the possibility of marrying one’s deceased…

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